back pain with chrohns

i go to pain clinic for bad back pain. they told me its accosated with chrohns, does any one else have this problem.

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Back pain too
by: Shelly

15 years ago, about 10 years into my disease with crohn's I had horrible back pain. I went to the Doctor's and after x-ray's and tests said I had arthritis which was a result of my Crohn's. Crohn's is an inflammatory disease as well as arthritis. Be careful with sugar as this substance is a leader in causing inflammation. Talk to your physician about the possibility of arthritis and treatment. Study your diet and any influences it may have for flare-ups. My pain was worse in the mornings and would lessen throughout the day. People don't realize the impact some foods have on our health. I wish you luck and hope your back pain will soon be under control. My back pain lasted a few years but honestly haven't had any problems for quite awhile now.

Back Pain
by: Charlene

I was Diagnosed in February with Crohn's/Colitis, treatment Methotrexate (chemo) and Prednisone (steriods), July I started having alot of pain in my hips and one knee, I thought it was a resault of the steriods, but the more info I read on Crohn's, joint pain was listed as a side effect.

Back Pain
by: Cheryl

I get very bad back pain when my stomach is about to erupt. I will know that I'm about to spend alot of time in the bathroom if my back starts up. However lately I have tried laying on the couch with a heating pad and reading a book or watching Tv (or both) does ease the back pain some what. Thats if it starts later in the day. If my back hurst during the work day I just have to live with it. Sucks

Response to Back pain with crohns disease
by: Willi

I had back pain for years and stomach problems, and when they were doing all the uncomfortable tests for IBD-crohn's disease they discovered Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). The first signs were spotted in the Sacroiliac joints(lower back). Its common for a certain percentage of crohn's people to also have A/S. After the crohn's disease was determined to be somewhat under control the Gastro Specialist sent me to a Rheumatoloist(spelling maybe bad)specialist who diagnosed me with the A/S. I am now on prednisone and getting ready for my third Remicade(biologic). Remicade treats both the back/spine problems and crohn's disease. The idea of putting me on the Remicade is so that they can and are weining me off the prednisone. I still take my other crohn's disease medications such as the pentasa and bentyl. It is a good idea to check further into what is causing you the back pain because the sooner you slow down A/S the better off you are in the future. By the time it was discovered in me, it has progressed from the lower back all the way up my neck to the base of my skull. I have some places that are fused and am losing mobility. Not saying that you have A/S just saying you should push the doctors to find out. GO TO Spondylitis Association of America on your computer to find out more.

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