Are you Tired? Sick and Tired of Being 'Sick'?

by Kit Campbell
(Tasmania, Australia)

There are going to be a myriad of reasons as to why you 'feel' tired, but to know there is a reason and to keep asking questions until you find the right answer for you, is absolutely imperative.

Don't just accept sentences like 'a side-effect of ...'a 'named' disease or medical diagnosis, keep searching for answers and keep asking yourself what you can do to make changes in your life.

If you think with the same mindset, you will get the same results. If you 'behave' in the same way, again, the results will be the same.

If what you have been doing in the past for yourself isn't working, please ask yourself what am I thinking and doing?

The 50 to 100 trillion human cells that make you up, also have ten times that in bacteria, within you and on you. It's a system that works extremely well together, until the environment of that cell is affected by something else.

The two MAIN environments are:
What you think
What you eat and drink

Epigenetics (google that!) Epi = above, and genetics = the behavior of genes

This means, and is now an accepted SCIENTIFIC FACT, that what surrounds the genes, affects the genes. The genes are located in the DNA and this is located in the nucleus of the cell.

As thought is entertained by your mind, the brain gives off chemicals. Which chemicals are determined by which thoughts?

Good thoughts = good chemicals
'Bad' or negative thoughts = bad chemicals

If your mind is pre-programmed to respond to your world in a stressful manner, then your brain will be constantly sending out chemicals that cause destruction of a cell, if held for long periods of time and at high levels. One of these is called cortisol and is the fight or flight hormone.

Simple fact. Cortisol is stated to cause inflammation to a cell. Inflammation leads to ulceration. Where are the largest amount of nerve cells located? The gut.

Cells can only move in one of two directions. Growth or protection. Any stress and your cells will be in protection mode. This means they don't continue their normal function of growth. Also, when in stress, your immune system slows down and can shut off. But then the drugs do that for you anyway!

If you are constantly in stress mode as a child or teenager, or with a complicated relationship, or job that is stressing you out, cortisol levels don't have a chance to normalize. Ask yourself - what was happening in my life BEFORE I got sentenced with the name 'Crohn's disease', or colitis, or UC, or CFS, or IBD, or IBS ... the list is endless and still growing!

These are just names. Hold on to them and they will stay with you as an identity. Some cannot bear to let go of this identity. Don't be the 'some'!

Your other main environment of a cell, there are others, is what you eat and drink. If you consume sugar, you are affecting your cells negatively. This is sugar drinks as well as alcohol. If you eat heavy meats, fast food, packet food and no 'live' food such as leafy greens and fruit etc., then you are not delivering the 'real' necessary vitamins needed to help your cells keep healthy.

If you are taking mesasal, this, along with other medications, is going to dry you out. The sulphur which is in mesasal (a highly toxic substance to the human body) will dehydrate you and also cause damage to the kidneys. Drink plenty of water, as much as you possibly can to counteract this whilst taking this medication.

If you are taking prednisolone or other forms of steroids or anti-inflamatories, the same thing will occur.

When the body 'feels' dehydrated, it slows down your system and drops your blood pressure to save energy. This in turn will slow down your brain speed and can cause depression, especially if you are still in pain at the time and feel like you have no choice.

You do have choice.
Decide to have choice.
CHOOSE to get up, to get out there and find some more holistic or alternative solutions!

The first port of call I would suggest, if you can't see a way of 'doing' this yourself, go and find a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, who will help you change the pattern of your thinking.
(can't go into all that the brain does for you here!!!) A Cognitive Behavioral Therapist would also help.

Just remember, as simple as this all sounds, changing the way you think, obviously it's not easy - but it is entirely possible that you can change your life completely around. You deserve to!

Don't listen to those who still believe themselves to be a victim of a name. Listen to those who were in that place and thankfully are not anymore!

I am not a medical anything, but I had Crohn's for 40 years of my life and now no more. Check out my youtube channel (theirritablebrain) and if I can answer any of your questions, I absolutely will.

All the best to all of you


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