Abdominal pain and crhons

by Nancy
(Brooklyn, NY)

My daughter who will be 12 soon, suffers from severe abdominal pain. She gets them for about 8 hours straight. What can I do to manage the pain. She hasn't been in school for over a month.

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Abdominal Pain NEW
by: Annette


I am sorry that your daughter is suffering so much. Abdominal cramps are terrible and you must be feeling very frustrated and helpless standing by.

It’s also hard to explain what is happening to a child and the diagnosis can be quite frightening. It is likely to have a direct impact on her life generally. You mentioned she is missing some schooling and that’s obviously going to be a problem but also that she will lose the social aspect of bonding with others. Hopefully, the condition can settle allowing her to go back to school and to have a relatively normal life.

Sometimes it can help to have mashed food or to eat soups. Consider foods that are high in nutrients but very easy to digest. It’s important that as little pressure as possible is placed on the digestive system. She must drink plenty of water –very important –even more so if she gets diarrhea too.

If she is on medication then it is worth getting the medication checked out again and to tell the doctor what is happening. Not all meds work as well as on others so don’t be scared to ask for help. She should watch what she drinks – carbonated drinks are lethal and really plain water is the best thing for her to have.

Children get stressed too and stress can certainly make the condition worse. It was thought that stress was one possible cause of crohn’s at one time but it has now been proven that it acts as a trigger instead. Try to reassure her that it will get easier and it is likely to. Crohn’s is a condition that seems to come and go, although there is no cure but she might suddenly find that she has no symptoms for many years and life can return to normal.

But in the meanwhile, do get her checked out again just to ensure nothing else is happening.

I really hope this helps, please do let us know how she gets on.

Abdominal pain and crhons NEW
by: Lydia D.

The doctors don't really take Crohn's pains seriously - they just think that it comes with the territory and we have to get used to them. Perhaps, a hot-water bottle or ice pack will help with the pain.

Please discuss all the following with her doctors:

Give her pureed and mashed foods, lots of broths, nothing with seeds/skins/pips/high fibre/etc. Boost and Ensure can be given to her - these must be sipped slowly throughout the day with several sips of water inbetween. Caveat: they can cause blockages if severe intestinal inflammation/stenosing is present.

There is some excellent dietary information at the end of this paper:

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause abdominal pains on top of the Crohn pains.

Her medication could be also contributing to the pain www.drugs.com

Severe pain may indicate abscess formation, perforation of the bowel, severe blockage of the bowel, moderate to severe Crohn's, etc.

She needs to drink lots of fluids and keep hydrated because Crohn's patients are at risk of thrombosis, particularly stroke and pulmonary embolism. She should not be on any colas or sodas or carbonated water - build up of air in the intestines causing wind and severe pain. Sweets will have the same effect. Make carrot/banana/peach cake with no icing and reduced sugar. It is best to bake with oil where possible. Do not use margarine because of the dangers of trans-fatty acids forming during baking/cooking.

I would suggest asking the doctor if it would be OK to give her a daily child's sublingual or chewable multivitamin tablet, fish oil capsule, magnesium, zinc, copper (Sabona non-magnetic copper bangle). The correct doses of supplements will probably be around 50% adult doses. Please confirm with the doctor.

It sounds to me as though she needs to get a second opinion. If she hasn't had a small bowel follow through (SBFT - Google) recently, then perhaps she needs one to work out what is going on.

However, it could be largely due to roughage in the diet or medication side-effects.

ex trucker NEW
by: mark

after bowel resections and several different meds im still strugling with constant pain , but im not giving up .im tried so many pain meds nothing is working ,getting ready for a pain speasialist. took pill with camera inside it and it didnt pass so their going to do endoscopy trying to get into my smll intestines . last time it ended up by a small bowel resection ,so here we may go again

ask her what is making her unhappy! NEW
by: Kit

How you think is how you feel.
If you all believe that Crohns disease is something you just live with, then that's exactly what will happen.
Please, please realize that if the body is in stress, dis-ease, then the cells will be affected.
Want more proof? Read or listen to Dr. Bruce Liptons book 'The Biology of Belief'.
There you will finally have scientific and biological proof of how cells go bad.
Doctors will keep you where they can supply you.
Their mission is to deal with the symptoms.
Look for the cause.
Your daughter is the same age as myself, when I first started bleeding from the bowel.
53 years ago, after fundamentally changing my mind, I dropped 'Crohns' in the middle of an acute bleeding attack. It is no more. It is just a name for symptoms that are occurring.
Ask your daughter what makes her fearful, anxious, angry etc. Who has she learnt that from?
We have to take responsibility for how we make ourselves feel. And that begins and ends with the mind.
If you believe anything different, good luck :)
Kit Campbell
'The Irritable Brain Syndrome'

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