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The Crohn's Disease and Stress E-Zine, Issue #013
September 26, 2007

News, articles, resources and more for the person with Crohn’s Disease.

The Crohn’s Disease and Stress newsletter brings you information you can use to help you, or someone you know, cope with Crohn’s Disease.

I want you to know that I appreciate your interest in receiving this information, and I promise you that I will endeavor to make it worth your time, both now and in the future.

If you enjoy this month’s edition and find it valuable, then I would appreciate if you would forward it to other people you know who have Crohn’s Disease or are the family or friends of someone with the disease. If they would like to subscribe, have them send an email to

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In This Issue.....

1. New Crohn's Disease Forum
2. Our Personal Story Feature
3. Latest Medications & Treatments

1. New Crohn's Disease Forum

Although we usually start each newsletter with a personal story that is truly inspiring, we just had to begin with a very special announcement:


Yes, you read that correctly. You've been asking for a forum to ask questions, offer advice and interact with other Crohn's sufferers, friends and family members...

Well, the wait is over!

The Crohn's Disease Forum is now up and running, so feel free to stop by, ask a question, read others' submissions, respond to comments...whatever floats your boat!

Ready to get started? Just follow the link below:

New Crohn's Disease Forum

Happy posting!

2. Our Personal Story Feature

Each issue we like to feature a story from one of our visitors that has touched us and that we feel will be helpful to others. Following is one from a visitor named Liz. You can read more stories like this one on our site.

"My name is Liz and I have had Crohns disease for 40 years. I have had multiple hospitalizations for TPN therapy, several surgeries for resections (total of 5). I was diagnosed at the young age of 22 and have become very knowledgeable on every aspect of this crazy disease.

I started off having rectal bleeding and since I worked in a hospital I knew that this could be big trouble, but as usual I chose to shrug off the problem. WRONG thing to do. It took them 3 months to finally tell me that I had Crohn's Disease and was admitted and stayed for 6 weeks of TPN therapy and ended up having surgery the first of many recections.

I was every med known to man and yes some helped but some just made me feel awful. I learned to take the good days with the bad days and trucked on. I still worked in a hospital and always ended up a different one until my year when my insurance changed and I had to use the same hospital that I worked in. I dealt with it.

A few years later I had the final surgery (ileostomy). The doc that had done my last surgery was a doll, he told me I had to name my stoma and I call him George. I cannot have anymore surgeries due to the fact that I have little bowel left in my body. Actually it was a blessing inside its self.

After all the meds and all the surgeries I have had, I now have no pain and eat almost anything I can and enjoy my life so much more than ever. I wish I could have had this before all the pain and meds were gone through. I do have to be careful in the heat, I cannot deal with that much as I grow older and I have learned that life is what you make it.

I have had my shares of problems and fears along the way, but it's much better than being dead and 6ft under. I had the blood clot scare of my life and almost lost my right leg over it, but with the grace of God and 2 damn good docs they were able to reroute the main artery in my leg so I would not lose it. I have the ugly scars to show off.

In all this both of my husbands died and left me a widow, and I have lost jobs due to my illness and I have decided to become a volunteer for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation and a spokesperson for the American Ostomy Society.

I refuse to allow this to end my life and I will fight until the day I die with this crazy disease. My niece was just diagnosed with Crohn's last April and I have been helping her deal with all the unknowns that you must encounter daily with this disease.

I am still in the medical field and I will remain there and I have met a lot of angels along the way and make a lot of friends. They all help to keep me strong and keep my feet on the ground.

The only thing I can say is: Listen to your docs and ASK questions, no question is silly if you don't know the answer. Always ask for a second opinion, and keep smiling. If you are on large doses of steriods, please take calcium supplements to make up the difference. My teeth are terrible. Look forward to arthitis in your old age and I make jokes about it when ever I can.

It helps me make it through some days and nites. Learn what works for you, I kept a journal for 2 years and I read it at times and it makes all the difference in the world now to me. Never give up, things will get better. Let it control you for a while but then you can make a deal with the body and let it know that you need to be in control and somehow it all will work out. Remember, God never puts anymore upon you than you can handle. Keep him in your heart and things will work out for you."

Thank you for your contribution, Liz. You are a true inspiration!

For more stories, click here.

3. New Medications & Treatments

Just a few developments in recent months on the medical treatment front:

A drug currently used to treat drug and alcohol abuse may be helpful in treating Crohn's Disease, according to a small study at the Hershey Medical Center. Although the mechanism by which it works is not clear, the drug does have some anti-inflammatory capabilities as well as the ability to heal intestinal ulcers.

Two other medications are nearing approval: Tysabri, currently used to help MS patients, may be approved in the near future for the treatment of Crohn's Disease. Another drug called Cimzia may also be available soon after it showed success in treating patients with moderate to severe Crohn's Disease.

Well, that's all for this month's issue...until next time, here's to your health!

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