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The Crohn's Disease and Stress E-Zine, Issue #011
October 23, 2006

News, articles, resources and more for the person with Crohn’s Disease.

The Crohn’s Disease and Stress newsletter brings you information you can use to help you, or someone you know, cope with Crohn’s Disease.

I want you to know that I appreciate your interest in receiving this information, and I promise you that I will endeavor to make it worth your time, both now and in the future.

If you enjoy this month’s edition and find it valuable, then I would appreciate if you would forward it to other people you know who have Crohn’s Disease or are the family or friends of someone with the disease. If they would like to subscribe, have them send an email to

Many thanks!

In This Issue.....

1. Our Personal Story Feature
2. Keeping Crohn's in Check
3. Top 5 Foods To Avoid - Reader Poll Results
4. Latest Medications & Treatments

1. Our Personal Story Feature

We are always inspired by your personal stories, and do our best to feature as many of them as possible. This one comes from Sam:

"I am Sam, 49 yrs of age. I am a Crohn's patient. I am currently taking Imuran as well as a study drug, Residronate and calcium and vitamin D. After about 5 yrs of misdiagnosis and many hospital visits I was finally diagnosed in November 2004.

I experienced different ranges of symptoms before the Crohn's diagnosis including weight loss, fever, abdominal pain and swelling on my lower right side (appendix which was removed in 2000). Ultimately I would have spasms in my upper stomach area, severe vomiting and unable to keep even a swallow of spit down. I was hospitalized for these bowel obstructions and severe dehydration several times and ran the gamut of drugs to stop the flare-ups, opting for bowel resection when I was becoming ill monthly.

Good ol' Prednisone... I've vowed never to take it again. I tapered off Prednisone after my surgery as per doctor's advice. I experienced some of the side effect while on the drug, hair growth and moon face but didn't gain excess weight as some do. Lucky me or so I thought. I have no ill effects from surgery and no sign of Crohn's flare-ups.

What I DO have is cataracts in both eyes. My vision is so impaired I do not drive, cannot read or do the things I enjoy. And that's just the cake! The icing is that I also have arthritis in all of my joints: feet and ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and hands. I had no indication of this while on the drug, no arthritic pain whatsoever. Doc says it'll disappear in time. I wonder how long.

I have been approved for Remicade but cannot begin those treatments until both my eyes have had cataracts removed and are healed. I'm on a waiting list for those surgeries, one eye at a time. My husband continues to be my strength and support. I hate being a burden to him and want more than anything to find work, to help pay the bills. With these (not so) wonderful side effects I'm virtually unemployable in a city begging for workers.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a positive and motivated person most days. The days of minimal pain I work as much as I feel able. The days I can't I'm more angry than depressed. But there are so many others with so much more pain in their lives. I'm grateful for being as blessed as I am. You all hang in there and I will too."

Thank you for your story, Sam. We appreciate you taking the time to write to us. Read more new Crohn's stories here.

2. Keeping Crohn's In Check

Crohn's Disease sufferers take various medications and supplements to help ease pain, reduce flare-ups and otherwise manage this debilitating condition.

However, many people are unaware of their options, and we get countless emails asking us what we recommend. Since we're not doctors, we can't make recommendations, but we can report what our visitors are taking.

We polled Crohn's patients and asked them to tell us what medications and/or supplements they were taking on a regular basis.

Following are the results:

What Medications Are You Taking or Have You Taken?

55% of those polled are taking or have taken Pentasa, Colazal or other salicylates.

17% are taking or have taken Remicade or other biologic therapies.

11% are taking or have taken Imuran or other immune system modifiers.

7% are taking or have taken Prednisone, Entocort or other corticosteroids.

Other medications reported: Prevacid, Flagyl, Cipro

What Supplements Are You Taking or Have You Taken?

46% are taking or have taken a comprehesive supplement with B Vitamins and other nutrients.

21% are taking or have taken Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil supplements.

16% are taking or have taken herbs such as chamomile, agrimony, aloe, fennel, ginger and peppermint.

Do You Purchase Your Supplements Online or Off?

68% purchased their supplements online

22% purchased their supplements offline

10% purchased their supplements both online and offline

If you shop online, where do you shop?

38% purchase their supplements at Xtend-Life Natural Products

21% purchase their supplements from different online retailers.

15% purchase their supplements at Vitamin Shoppe

8% purchase their supplements at

5% purchase their supplements at GNC.

3. Foods to Avoid - Top (5) Per Our Newsletter Subscribers

You've weighed are the Top 5 foods that our subscribers avoid...

1. Salads/Raw Vegetables

2. Nuts

3. Red Meat

4. Alcohol

5. Dairy

4. New Medications & Treatments

The arthritis drug Humira might be helpful to Crohn's sufferers who do not respond well to Remicade, according to the company that manufacturers the drug, Abbott Labs. Both medications work by blocking the same protein, which explains why Humira may be helpful.

This is good news for those who have not had success with Remicade, a popular biologic therapy usually administered when other medications don't work, or to treat fistula development.

The FDA has approved the use of Remicade for the maintenance of moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. It was approved for Crohn's treatment in 1998 and ulcerative colitis treatment in 2005. Now the FDA has approved it for maintenance therapy for Crohn's and UC.

Since Remicade has been helpful for a significant amount of people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, its approval for maintenance purposes is very promising.

Well, that's all for this month's issue...until next time, here's to your health!

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