4 surgeries in 2 months

by dan henry
(mifflintown PA)

ive had 4 bowel resection surgerys in an 8 week hospital stay ,along with phnemonia,pelvic absess ,gallstones and gallbladder removal,spinalblocks to relieve spasms,and a staff infection.

i have gone from 150lbs, to 110 lbs,

i've lived with chrons since i was 5 ,i am now 42 years old.I have had surgery in the pas but this one was alot worse.

i am home now trying to recover, I have no appitite,and if not for my wifes support i would not have made it this far.

But i have a problem,,, my eyes hurt when i move them amy direction,is this due to my weight loss???

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4 surgeries in 2 months
by: JoAnne

I read in a book about Crohn's effecting your eye's. I know that I can't wear contacts after being dignosised with crohn's. Something about it drys your eyes out too much. Make appointment with your eye doctor and he or she will tell you more about what crohn's will do to your eye's.

by: Anonymous

I'm not sure if the problem with your eyes is related to your weight-loss, but I think it might be. My 19-year-old son has just been diagnosed with Chrons but has been suffering since last fall. From Sept. to Feb. he lost over 50 lbs., from 210 to 150. Starting in February, and this has happened 4 times now, he has had severe reactions with his eyes, he couldn't open them properly, he described them as "bursting", and they would tear. We took him to emergency on 3 occasions and he has seen an eye specialist and they can't find anything wrong. They gave him some steroid drops which didn't do much. Each episode lasts about 4 or 5 hours. It was interesting to read your question because it made me think of what David has gone through. You have both lost about the same amount of weight. I can't give you an answer, but my comment may help. I'm going to show David your comments. Good Luck.

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