32 yr. old woman with HORRIBLE Flare-up

by Sick and Tired
(Ontario, Canada)

I am writing on behalf of my daughter - who has been diagnosed with Crohns, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Erythema Nodosum. We live in Ontario - Canada. She is 32 yr. old and was never ill a day in her life until the end of Sept./2010. Her life prior to that was a very busy one. She would go to the gym b/4 work every day....then go to work.....and then work with her students at a large equestrian facility....and ride her own competition horses. Her life has come to a SCREECHING halt !!! She has had 3 colonoscopies, a pelvic ultra-sound, an abdominal ultra-sound, and a CT Scan (where you drink the liquid and they follow it through you). She gets blood-work taken every week to monitor the inflammation levels in her body.....and right now we are waiting for her to be referred to a second G/I....so she can have the tube put down into her stomach....and if nothing new is seen....then perhaps the pill you swallow with the tiny camera in it -will be their next move. She is still on Prednisone (although this is being reduced by 1 tablet each week)....and she is on one of the 5 ASA's (called Mezavant)......and she is also on Morphine for the pain. She can no longer work....and can no longer teach her students or train her own horses. She is living at home with us. This flare-up has now been going on since the end of Sept. 2010....and it is now April 2011 (approx. 7 months later)....and still no end in site. Is there anyone else out there who has suffered with a flare-up this long??....and if so, what did you do or what medications did you use to help you through it? Thanks so much and any comments or suggestions you may have would certainly be appreciated. Signed by: The Mother of a Daughter............ who is Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired !!!

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I been going through it too
by: Priceless1

I understand how you feel. I have been sick since 2007.This is when I first felt the worst pain of my life. I thought that I had food posion or something at first. The pain left and didn't come back for another year. This disease has really changed my life, I use to be a very active person, now I can't even work. I have tried several different treatments and nothing is working for me.I'm on entocort now,and we all know that steriods are not healthly. They can ruin other organs while you are trying to treat the condition you have. I have REALLY bad flare ups. I'm always at the ER. This is really starting to depress me. I just want my life back. I ask the doctor how did I get this disease, they never can give yoyu straight answers. No one in my family on either side has this disease. I am so fed up with the doctors and their weak treatment. I have started to keep a lot of solid foods out my life. I have been drinking plenty of ensure to replace meals. I also lay off a lot of meats and eat boiled chicken and baked fish alot. It seems like this is the only thing that helps me.Zergerid is also a good thing to take. 14 pills comes in a bottle you can buy those over the counter.I was not trying to accept the fact that no matter what you do or don't do, you're going to be in pain any way. This disease is a tricky one. I think there is really no way to control it all the way, you can only do so much to try to keep flare up down. I advise you to pray and pray and keep a very healthy diet. We can't let this control us, we got to control it.

There will be a light at the end of the tunnel
by: Chris

I'm been living with ulcerative colitis and Crohns for 5 years now. I was diagnosed when I was 18, at first it was the most difficult thing to live with, but you come to understand the disease and you start learning what your body needs. With regard to the flare ups, I know they can be super painful and it just disrupts your whole life. I don't know if you have a specialist which you visit for check ups? It would be good to built a good relationship with them since they are very helpful in times of crisis, by that i mean flare ups. They will then admit you to the hospitals quickly and start you off on a steroid drip as well as antibiotics with will help with the inflammation. Getting the flare up treated in the hospital is the fastest way to get it under control. Wise to get a proper diet once your stable. If all else fails there are specialist Crohns clinics in the UK. I take a product on top of all my meds which is very very helpful, though I do not know if you can find it in Canada? It is called LP299v. Good luck

Flare ups
by: Vanessa

I have 30 years old and was diagnosed when I was 17. I was in a flare up for a couple of years.... what helped me was the remicade. It is never easy, the impotant thing is that they will find the right treatment for and it will give her her life back... Do you know what part of her GI tract is affected? I am glad you are going for a second opinion... It is always good to see what another GI would do... Good luck
If you want to talk about it my Email adress is vanmtl1980@yahoo.ca

Crohns response re flare-up of 32 yr old
by: PetrBray@AOL.com

Watch out for steroid psychosis with Steroids!!--our experience!
Adult daughter Cathy,43 has had Crohns for 23 years--tried all the western meds to no avail---see www.crohns.org and www.johnes.org, become your own activist, she recently had a temporary looped ileostomy with bag and rectal-vaginal fistula surgery...become your own researcher..see the IBD videos on www.YouTube.com...e-mail me for more info, I wrote 4-6 columns for our local paper about Crohns...too little being done about it on a national/global level...too much money in hoky, ineffective meds---Join support groups, see what others have done, lobby your representatives in government...

Peter Bray, 68
Cathy's dad...

Benicia, CA (1 hr NE of SF)

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