3 surgeries, uti, abcess and seizure

by tara

My ex-husband, now best friend had his 3rd surgery for chrohn's. last one required a twmp. illeostomy. after surgey developed abcess and had to have a drain put in. was on his way to hospital for post op check, felt funny and fell and had a bad seizure with confusion that lasted a few hours. Very weak and so far test can't tell why he had seizure. Are these related. i am a nurse and afraid this can lead to stroke. Any info would help. Me and our kids are 3 hours away from the hospital he's in and don't know if we should go now or wait. CT head normal.

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3 surgeries, uti, abcess and seizure
by: Anonymous

Seizures can be caused by severe dehydration and mineral deficiencies. They can also be caused by medication side-effects, anaesthesia reaction (can take months to recover from an anaesthetic), etc. For side-effects and drug interactions see: www.drugs.com or www.rxlist.com

The output of the ileostomy should be checked (daily collection and weighed - over a 3 day period). This can be done at home. Ideally a 3-day stool fat analysis should be done to discount intestinal failure (reversible in most cases). However, this is rarely done. Blood beta-carotin levels are a good indication of fat (mal)absorption should he have shiny, fatty stool with bile - steatorrhoea.

The output of an ileostomy should not exceed 600 ml/g. Diarrhoea in a healthy person is defined as over 200 ml fluid output daily.

I refer you to one of the best articles on intestinal failure and diet that I have found on the internet. It is worth a read: http://www.practicalgastro.com/pdf/September05/Sept05_ParrishArticle.pdf

All Crohn's patients are at risk of thrombosis: ischaemic stroke, ischaemic heart attack, DVT, pulmonary embolism, etc. It is critical that patients drink the necessary 1.5-2 l a day.

I don't think that he is drinking enough to compensate for the temporary lack of colon and he has not increased his salt intake accordingly. He should have been advised by the doctors about this. But, it is a massive operation and he might not have been with it when they explained it to him.

I suggest that he discusses with his doctor the wisdom of taking a vitamin-B complex tablet and a sachet of oral rehydration salts each day. He can make his own ORS. http://rehydrate.org/ors/index.html Fish oil as a source of fat-soluble (A, D, E, K) vitamins - but not more than 3 g/day - FDA warning regarding mercury content.

Absorption of nutrients can be increased by taking a proton pump inhibitor. However, this can lead to deficiencies in B12, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium.

It could be that he is not looking after himself properly and has not understood the advice of the doctors. I had no one to look after me after my operation so I know that it is possible to recover by oneself. However, the odd Care Packet wouldn't have done me any harm.

Sweets, chocolate, cocoa, fatty foods, fresh fruit (except bananas), salads, leafy greens, etc., will all exacerbate diarrhoea.

He should avoid seeds, pips, skins, nuts, whole wheat, fatty fast food, and high fibre fruit and vegetables, etc. He might have to mash and puree until his gut is sufficiently stabilised.


by: Vanessa

Hello Tara,
I am so sorry he had to go through that. Last year, I have had several surgeries, perotonitis, abcesses and infections and I did not have any seizures. I am sorry I do not know if is related and my friends who have had surgeries and complications never told me they have had seizures. Good luck

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