Crohns Disease in the mind?

by Kit Campbell
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease at 12 years of age. I constantly suffered with the 'symptons' for the following 28 years, put on Prenisolone, Salazopyrin etc on and off to control all the bleeding.

I have had countless operations, partial bowel removals and re-section.
My last attack was in 2000, when suffering from stress of starting a new business. Started bleeding yet again from the bowel. Was booked in for more surgery. Came across a different way of thinking and the bleeding stopped within 7 days. The booked surgery at the Royal Brisbane Hospital did not go ahead and my surgeon was happy to let it be for that moment.
That was 13 years ago.
I had to have a colonoscopy last month being over 50. No Crohns :)
I want to help others understand how I made these changes and am writing constantly, with the intention of compiling a book and speaking at Crohns Disease Clinics in London and New York, maybe in September this year when I fly over there from Australia.
Please know how much your thinking can be the cause of your suffering.
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You don't 'will' Crohn's!!! :) NEW
by: Kit Campbell

Crohn's is just a name. It's a name for symptoms.
Whatever you believe is totally up to you Annette. Whatever you believe in is true for you.
If you believe doctors that tell you, with an understanding of Newtonian physics (the old physics - quantum physics is how this universe works) then you will be a Crohn's sufferer for life. I wouldn't like that for me, nor would I like that for you or anyone else that suffers in this way.
I did not believe the doctors after 40 years of ulcerating bowel, bleeding, operations, medications. I then escaped out of the BELIEF that Crohn's is an actual 'thing'!
Whatever you believe becomes a reality.
I'm just glad that I am free from the symptoms of an ulcerated bowel, for good, and that I understand how it all occurred - for me.
Thank goodness I was able to change the way that I thought! Imagine going through life not knowing that your brain sends out chemicals as a result of how you think! Imagine believing that no matter how good you felt, you were still a prisoner of a name! Crohn's Disease!
Stay in the moment. If you are well, you are well. If you are happy, your brain sends out good chemicals, endorphins, dopamines etc. These feed and help your cells grow. If you are unhappy, stressed, angry, anxious, fearful etc., your brain sends out the destructive chemical cortisol. Look it up. Research this hormone and see what results occur when cortisol is held for prolonged periods of time in your body.
Change the way you think. If you don't, NOTHING will every change, for you.
All the best

Crohn's Disease in the Mind? NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thanks for your question. I do not believe for one minute that Crohn's occurs because you 'will'it, I do think that stress and anxieties can play a big part in our overall health and well-being though and it is a well-known fact that stress and crohn's disease are integrally linked. At one time, stress was considered to be the cause but this has been proven not to be the case.

I come from a natural health environment and I do believe that the mind is so powerful and it can hamper healing or it can help to promote healing, it depends how we utilize it.

Relaxation and meditation techniques are hugely successful in helping to combat stress and to improve a wide variety of conditions including Crohns'. Anything that helps to connect the body, mind and spirit is a positive thing.

If you have Crohn's, there is much that you can do to help yourself and really it is a case of living as simplistic a lifestyle as possible. Eating well but avoiding foods that can trigger off an angry response. Avoid smoking and alcohol and eat easy to digest foods. It's vital that you get all your nutrients though and you should take top-ups by way of supplements if necessary.

Start changing your lifestyle a little at a time until you find the right approach. If you can see life in a more positive light this will help.

I attach a link that you may find of interest.

If anyone has had any success with NLP and Crohn's, I would love to hear about it.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


by: Kit


The book, which I am trying to fund myself, will share with you were I've been and then show you how it all changed for me, in the middle of an attack, within 7 days.
Not everything works in the same way for everyone, but I remember well, many times, saying to people that if I had all the money in the world, I would swap it for my health.
I used to wish for health, wealth and THEN happiness! One day, I got it all mixed up and was wishing for happiness first by mistake! Then, when I challenged my mind as to why I wasted that wish, the answer came back to me, if you have happiness, you will have health :)
The book will also be controversial and a lot of pharmaceutical companies will not like what I have to say. Nor doctors, who 'tell us' what is wrong with us and then supply us with medications.
I would never say 'don't take your medication' if you believe that you need it. Nor will I say 'don't have an operation' if you believe that you need it.
But whilst you are going through all this suffering, know this, I was there too. I had the surgeries, I had all the medications and then my mind changed fundamentally and it all got dropped.
Just after I finished writing my book, I came across a chap called Dr. Bruce Lipton and his book 'The Biology of Belief' PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!!! Check out Dr. Bruce Lipton & Ron Williams on Youtube ( and watch the video there. It totally supports many of my experiences on a scientific and biological level. It's amazing!
Just do everything that you can. Ask questions of yourself and how your mind is thinking. Remove all negativity that you think, speak, do, be around (home environment), people, tv progams, news etc.! Accept everything, even the pain as it comes and goes, concentrate on the spaces between the pain and then act without reaction.
I could go on and on!
Just know that you have the possibility of changing this present situation. You've just got to want to :)
All the best

by: Kit Campbell

Hi there :) (This is the 1st part of my post!)
I finished writing my book three weeks ago now and it is presently going through the editing process. Once this is done, mid this year, I will look to getting it printed and published, so that I can start to make a fundamental change for those suffering with gastrointestinal problems primarily, but anyone who suffers anything, hopefully :)
I am writing the book so that someone suffering can have something tangible to reference to and a tool that I can have alongside speaking publicly.
With all the emails I receive and the changes I have seen in sufferers that I write to, the book was the next logical step.
Whilst I sit here on a hill in Tasmania, I am now doing my homework with regards to the next steps of this process. I do not have a job, I have never worked for anyone in my life, due to always being 'sick' with Crohns and not being able to hold down a permanent position.
I have been self-employed as a result, all my life and this enables me to take this time out, albeit with no income, to create this possibility to 'speak out' with my book 'The Irritable Brain Syndrome'.
I presently have two publishers interested and both are into publishing'healing' material and not mainstream stuff.
If I can help someone through writing to them in an email, I can help more people by producing this book. I have also the intention to speak for free, to any school, community or institution. Free webcasts are also something that I want to do.

thanks Kit!
by: Elissa King

I would love to get help from you. I am ready and willing to do anything.

Being healthy is awesome!! I appreciate it so much.


I just emailed you!

mind over matter NEVERWEAKEN
by: scott

hi their iam a 33 year male i have had crohns disease from the age 18.It took me four years of pain and endless trips to the doctors before they found out that i had crohns.By that time i had a perfarated bowel.Witch ment i had to have an opperation (the first of many)where i had a foot and a half of my bowel removed where the large and small meet.I now have a band in and out and a mushroom cather in bugger.
now i have two sayings mind over matter i don't mind so it don't matter and never weaken witch i have tattooed.i still get up every morning for work.water ski,motor bike ride all with crohns disease
thanks for lissing to some of my story

Your Crohns success...
by: Peter Bray

Dear Kit: I will e-mail you to learn more of your success--the world needs to hear it too! Shout it from the rooftops!

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