Crohn's and constipation

Please help.I am one of the few you don't hear about.Can anybody help me with any suggestions on how to cope with not going to the bathroom very often?

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constipation with crohn's
by: Bobbie

I also have constipation with my crohns. I have been taking fiber and I try to eat salad, apples and stool softener. It does help some but basically l always I constipation. I know how you feel because there are times that I may go 2 to 3 or 4 days without a movement. The pain is so bad I take my pain pill or pills along with my nausea pill to keep me home from the hospital. My flare ups are daily. Sometimes my flare ups are 1 or up to 4 a day. I wish there was something I could help you with this. I just take one day art a time.I know what foods I should not eat. It is just a test to see what foods affect you. Keep a food journal. I wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my prayers. May God be with you and protect you.

I use lactulose
by: Anonymous

Lactulose doesn't contain any fibre. It works by retaining more fluid in your gut. It may cause problems with wind.
The trick is to take some every day, even if you have just had a poo, and adjust the daily amount until you are happy with the results.
I found that my gut gradually adjusted to a fibre-free diet, until I didn't need the lactulose any more.

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